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Hajj & Umrah Meningitis ACWY Vaccinations

It is a visa requirement for Saudi Arabia to have ACWY vaccination for those people intending to perform Hajj or Umrah in the 3 years before entering the country and preferably 10 days before travel. We provide a one-stop vaccine service for prospective pilgrims going for Hajj or
Umrah. We stock the latest recommended meningitis ACWY vaccines according to the DoH/Saudi embassy. We provide a free certificate of proof of vaccination which complies with the Saudi Government regulations.

Our pharmacists can administer meningococcal A, C, W135, Y vaccine to persons 2
years and over. Vaccination is NOT normally available through the NHS. Most people needing ACWY vaccine have to pay for it as a private service. Visitors to Saudi Arabia, and countries south of the Sahara in Africa, are sometimes
at risk from the A, W and Y strain of meningitis. A single ACWY vaccine injection reduces the risk of infection. Our Pharmacists undertake extensive training before being accredited administer the vaccine. Vaccination is not provided in some cases where there are pre-existing medical conditions e.g. immunodeficiency, bleeding disorders, pregnancy and others which can be discussed by speaking to our pharmacists. Persons in these groups are usually vaccinated at their GP surgeries or a specialist travel health clinic.

Call on 0121 783 2042 to book an appointment, appointments are readily available